Love Stories

It’s been aeons since Morris was the subject of my stories; what do you say I make him squirm by making him the center of attention (for just a little while) in this story? You will remember Morris from previous articles (or rather article) to be the guy that in shockingly a few years from now, will have to give an arm and a leg in exchange for a sparkly gemstone, get down on one knee, present the gemstone to me and ask if I will marry him. I, in turn, will gape in utter surprise, wipe a tear or two from these huge eyes of mine and obviously say yes. Okay, that’s just how that part plays out in my mind. Chances that it will actually happen that way? Umm, not so promising; seeing that the main character in this part of the movie (Morris) doesn’t understand why he should ask a question whose answer he already knows. Now that formalities of introductions are done away with, let’s get to the story. 

About two weeks ago, no, on Friday 10th March, 2017, to be exact, Morris lost his phone. “Lost his phone” is putting it rather mildly: it was actually snatched from him on one of those evenings when you are seated next to the window, in a taxi that is stuck in Kampala jam and your mind coaxingly whispers to you, “Now would be a really good time to check your whatsapp messages.” And because you are dead tired or because you’d rather not think at all, you get out your phone and forgetting the craftiness of Kampala thieves, hold it like you would if you were in your sitting room. Next thing you know, the phone has a new owner. I don’t know why I made the story long: I might have just said his phone was snatched while he sat in a taxi, at the seat next to the window and you would all have understood. Anyhow, let’s continue. 

So this is the situation right now;

Morris: has no phone

Me: constantly checking my phone’s dialled list and re-redialling Morris’ number, in the crazy hope that I will get a different response and then being disappointed allover again when it’s still the same old “the number you have called is not available at the moment, please try again later.” It’s frustrating, I tell you. I know its self inflicted frustration, but oh well, a girl can always hope. 

So the idea to write this article was a way of putting everything into perspective and a check to confirm that I still have a fully functional brain. See, I last talked to Morris three days ago but amazingly, it seems to me like I haven’t talked to him in over a month! Why do I feel this way? Well, because now I cannot call him randomly (or him randomly calling me) to just say “I love you”, I cannot text a “Goodmorning baby” or “Goodnight sweetheart” and expect a response. Yes, most of the time his reply is a simple “Goodmorning to you too” or “Goodnight to you too” but now I realize just important how those simple boring words are. I have not yet found the right word to describe just how much I miss Morris but I know it’s a whole lot! And I miss him this much because I have gotten used to communicating with him on a daily and taking that away from me, kind of leaves a vacuum(for lack of a better word). 

So why am I boring you with all these emotions of mine? Because if I am able to love a man this much, imagine just how much love God has for you and I. You think you treasure someone? Just think how much more God treasures you! You think you yearn to see someone you love so much? Just think how much God yearns to see you in His presence. Think how much He desires to hear your voice as you tell Him words of adoration and praise. Think how much He longs for you! 

I know that most times, we only say how much we love God and how much we yearn for His presence and His touch but the truth is, He loved us before we ever loved Him. He loved us way before we ever knew what love really is. And He still does! He loves and is in love with us. And as much as we love to be in His presence, He loves it even more. And as much as we desire for more of Him, He desires for more of us. And yes, when we stray from His presence, He misses us. When we neglect Him and act like we don’t know Him, it hurts Him. 

My message to you: The King of kings and Lord of lords is seriously, mindblowingly and eye-poppingly in love with you. Requite that love the best way you can: stay in His presence, allow Him to love on you, and by all means, talk to Him on a daily! 


In honour of Priscilla Chelangat

The birthday girl wearing her beautiful smile.

​So I have read quite a number of books from different authors and I know I am not yet one of the best writers to ever walk this earth; I am not even close to that yet, but God knows how often I dream, daydream and constantly fantasize about it. I believe it is for this reason that He (My Ever Awesome God) saw it fit to bring people like Chelangat Priscilla into my life. I prefer calling her Chelly, because it is so much easier than Chelangat or Priscilla. So yes, Chelly is one of those people, who by just being themselves, constantly gives me hope that perhaps my dream is not so big or as wild as I sometimes (rather, most times) fear it to be. From the first day Chelly got wind of the news that I had started a blog, she’s been there, at the sidelines, ferociously and relentlessly cheering me on and encouraging me to keep on keeping on. I often think of her and I am challenged to stretch out of my lazy shell and get to writing. And it is not because she constantly calls or texts to remind me to write, no. She’s done that only once or twice but since then, I have this paranoia (for lack of a better word) that she’s always some where in the shadows, watching me trying to give excuses when I should instead be writing. 

I met Chelly roughly eleven years ago, at the prestigious Mt. St. Mary’s Namagunga where we both stayed for the next six years. I was immediately drawn to her for the flimsiest of reasons: she was a Sabiny from Kapchorwa and my bestfriend from primary school was a Sabiny from Kapchorwa. Perhaps I thought making her my friend would in some way lessen the heartache I suffered at not being able to go to the same secondary school as my best friend; I cannot really tell. But become friends we did and I have not regretted it since. I do not claim that we are the closest of friends for that would be a gross lie, but I do know we go deeper than acquaintances and can thus conclude that we are friends. 

So this is what I know about Chelly: she’s a jolly girl with a smile so bright, it can literally light up one’s dark days. She is a kind hearted person with a heart of gold that is ready to help just about any and everyone. She believes the best of people and unlike many of us, is never quick to judge. She’s also really good at keeping time (she doesn’t suffer from that African lateness syndrome that many of us have). She is beautiful but most importantly about her, she loves and fears God and like the Bible says:

Beauty and Charm are deceptive, but a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised. [Proverbs 31:30]

Dearest Chelly, on this your birthday, allow me honour you the only way I can: with my words that I and my God know to be nothing but the truth. Thank you for being the huge blessing you are to me. Do not tire of cheering me on even though we both know this race might take awhile before we reach the finish line. I earnestly hope that you will become even friendlier, more amazing and more awesome as the years go by. Little Gaby is blessed to have you for a mum and I hope he will grow up holding you as dear as the treasure you are. And I pray that the Lord satisfies you with a long life full of joy, gladness, grace and love! 


Much love, 

Me 🙂

Insights from March

​8th March 2017

Dear Suzan, 

Forgive me for writing to you on this Oh-so-important day, but you have to understand that it’s the only day, in all my 31 day visit, when both you and I get a holiday. Plus, I did not want my excitement over receiving your letter, to be made so obvious to you and so I kept postponing my reply till I could properly settle my nerves. I must admit, you’re really good at this flattering business. You’re so good, you make me feel like the only month in the entire year. I would like to sit around blushing and drooling over your sweet flatteries but unfortunately, there are more serious matters at hand: like the fact that one entire week of my visit is gone. And I have got questions for you Suzan, tough questions that demand answers. 

1). What have you been upto this past one week? I have been around one week and have silently watched you do everything quite the same way you did during January and February’s visits. You still wake up at the same hour, with your same lazy and complaining attitude toward life and yet you keep hoping I will be treat you better than January and February did. Do you not see that the only person you are cheating in all this is you? 

2). All those things you have been postponing since forever, have you started on any of them? Did my coming around inspire you even a little? Or are you, like majority of your friends, still waiting for a right enough time? Tell me, what lies are you feeding your brain? That you’re only resting for this first week of my visit and then you will start? That there’s no need to rush because mine is a 31 day visit? That you are still waiting for inspiration? What are you going to do when my time’s up and you haven’t yet started on a single thing? Will you write to April and tell her I treated you unfairly? 

3). Do you seriously want to do any of the things you mentioned that you would like to do? Or are those just ideas and dreams that you feed your psychology to convince ypurself that you are not totally wasting your life? Are you sure those are not just lists that you keep so that when someone asks if you have a plan for your life you have something to answer? 
You probably think I am just being disagreeable and unnecessarily hard on you. Trust me, I would like to be nice and whisper to you some sweet nothings but then, that’s just what they would be: sweet NOTHINGS. So please bear with me as I dispense these hard and bitter words, in the hope that you find them of substance. 

My coming around is not going to change much; any less than January’s scorching rays and February’s short visit were the cause of your brokeness and suffering. You’re only playing mind games with yourself, and unless you stop, I can promise that this month will be just as bad as the past two. You must realize that I hold no power over your being, and neither does any other month. See, all the blessings that pertain to life and godliness have not been handed to me, or any other month for that case, but to you! And so, my dear Suzan, you will have to woman up, take responsibility and stop blaming January, February and the entire month family for your failures. You are not a child any more; do not expect to be treated like one. When you say something, everyone expects you to stand by your word regardless of the situations around you. That’s just how life works! No one cares that January was too hot, February too short or March too rainy, you will still be judged as though everything was going your way. Be wise my friend: stop waiting for the 1st of whatever month, for Monday, for next week, for next year. Stop waiting till the time is right because the exact right moment might never show up. If you mean to start today, well, start today and now. Do not be among the people that only dream and never chase those dreams. Dream and then get up and make those dreams your reality. Get rid of your fear of failure: I bet you’ve heard of the little girl that was scared to jump and said to her dad, “Daddy, I am afraid. What if I fall?” This was her father’s response, “Oh but darling, what if you fly?” Jump out of that comfort zone of yours; there is a chance you will fall, but there’s even a greater chance that you will fly. 

And finally, about me being the month of divine accomplishment: I have no doubt that the Lord is for you. But you’ve got to remember that the Lord doesn’t deal with lazy and slothful men. The exodus of the Israelites from Egypt was a great miracle, a work that was divinely accomplished; but it wasn’t done overnight while they slept. They didn’t go to sleep in Egypt and wake up in Israel, and yet we cannot deny that the Lord was with them. So, stop sleeping, hoping you will wake up to find everything “divinely accomplished.” Spend time with God and He’ll give you specific instructions on how to get everything divinely accomplished. 
I sincerely hope that by the time of my departure, you will have items on your to-do list that you have happily ticked off. 



A letter to March


Dear March, 

First off, nice meeting you again! God, I feel like it’s been centuries since we last met, and yet I know its only but a year ago that you brought your lovely self and made camp in my house for a whole 31 days! It must be true what they say, time indeed flies! I wonder, does she always have to fly? Why doesn’t she walk or atleast trot beside the rest of us? Now that I think of it, it is grossly unfair to accuse her of always flying; I have often sat in a painstakingly boring lecture and effusively begged time to do her magic; the same magic she does when I lay down my head at midnight, and swoosh, even before I can properly begin dreaming, its 7:00am. Yes, I have begged her in way of countless yawns and endless stretching, and all she did was lazily tick and tock along. But wait, I have digressed too much; I shall not waste my words, talking about time and her cunning ways. Let’s talk about you and I. 

See, I have been expectantly waiting for you to show up. Your cousin January is one of the most brutal people I have met. She treated me cruelly, what with her signature mercilessly scorching rays of sunshine. Your sister February was a lot nicer, but I was too hungover with January’s cruelty to fully enjoy February’s niceness. And now you are here, and am over the top with excitement, ecstatic, euphoric even. You, my dear March are my new beginning; It’s a new month-new me affair. Like any rational human you may come across, I did set goals and new year resolutions. And, before you judge me, I know I should have started on these resolutions on the first day January came to visit but well, I didn’t. I explained my reasons before; you didn’t really expect me to do much amidst all the oppression and antagonism I was receiving from January, did you? And February? Well, it is not my fault that her visits are so short. Oh, I would that every month were like you, my March! I had resolved to begin on that business project today, on your first day of visiting, but you still have 30 days with me; plenty of time, right? Oh, and there’s that book I was supposed to start on too. Hmmm… Since you, my dear March, decided to arrive on a Wednesday, let’s just wait till next week comes around and then I can start on Monday, okay? Yikes! There’s the dancing classes too! We talked about these last year, didn’t we? How have I not signed up for them yet? I will start on the process tomorrow, I promise. It feels like my memory has just been reactivated: there’s a whole list of resolutions am yet to start on: start saving, spend less time on social media, engage in atleast one sport, Lord! How all these things piled up so fast, I shall never know. Perhaps I should have started when January was still around, like I promised I would? No, I will not cry over spilt milk! 

I was at church on Sunday, and oh, how highly you were spoken of dear March! Would you like to know what you were referred to as? The month of Divine Accomplishments! You now understand why I am so excited, don’t you? There’s this threateningly long list of things I have to do, but now that you’re here, my month of Divine Accomplishments, I have no worries! You are the month of Divine Accomplishments afterall. And now that I have spent the entire first day of your visit, telling you of my expectations and all I hope to enjoy during the period of your stay, I think I will start on my to-do list tomorrow. 
Again, I am so excited you are here! 

Yours excitedly, 


           Thanks for reading! My thoughts are; for this letter to make much more sense, March will have to write back to me. Lol, I am weird like this. 🙂

Graduation: A celebration of the Faithfulness of God!

There are many things I should have written about by now; say, how I made it through the gruelling, gruesome January, the euphoria that came with the realization that the troublesome January was no more and ofcourse, the magic of the much anticipated Valentine’s Day. I should have written about all these things but a cocktail of laziness, procrastination and exhaustion from constantly running around as I prepared for my graduation wouldn’t let me. It would be giving in too much to laziness if I didn’t write about my graduation seeing that it was one of the major reasons why I didn’t write about everything else. 

Tuesday, February 21st, 2017. The day I was officially conferred on a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical engineering. In first world countries, graduation ceremonies are a much sophisticated affair: the graduands sit in a hall and as each name is read out, one majestically walks, with head held high, to the front where they receive a handshake from the Principal amidst ululations and cheers from their parents, friends and relatives. In Uganda, mmmmhh…not so much sophistication. With over 1000 graduands in a single day, there isn’t time enough to shake every hand and say something nice and emotional about everyone. But let me not bore you with things you already know, let’s delve into the things you have no idea about; like why I was super excited about my graduation. 
February 21st 2017 was, for me,  more than a celebration of getting a Mechanical Engineering degree, it was a celebration of the goodness and faithfulness of God. I heard the pride in my father’s voice as he gave his speech, saw the joy written allover my mother’s face and I knew that it couldn’t have been by might, power or strength, it was all by the Spirit of God. How else do I explain how the little, big eyed girl wearing an oversized pink dress for a uniform, carrying a black polythene bag for a school bag and running barefooted to a UPE school is now a mechanical engineer? How do I explain that this same girl, who’s grown up in the village of manafwa, where most of her age mates and former class mates dropped out of school aeons ago, is well on her way to unfathomable success? How do I explain that this girl has been raised by a teacher and housewife who had four other children to support? How do I explain that the girl who spent half her time in fellowship related issues and the other half of the time in non-academic related issues managed to perform excellently? How do I explain that despite every hurdle, countless painful moments and many of what seemed insurmountable challenges, this 22-year-old girl is now a Mechanical Engineering graduate? It could only have been the work of an Almighty, all powerful God! 

John 9:1-3 As he went along, he saw a man blind from birth. His disciples asked him, “Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?” “Neither this man nor his parents sinned,” said Jesus, “but this happened so that the works of God might be displayed in him.

Why were you born deep in an unnameable village and not some fancy place? Why weren’t you born in a family of billionaires and trillionaires? Why isn’t your life as flashy and as glamarous as that girl’s next door? Why aren’t you the most beautiful or handsome? Why does your life seem to be one hardship after another? Why are you you and not somebody else? Why are you going through what you’re going through currently? 

No. It’s not because you sinned, nor because your parents sinned. It’s not because you have a generational curse following you around. It’s not because God wants to embarrass or spite you. Everything is the way it is so that the workings and the power of God may be displayed in your life. Do not stop believeing, do not let go of this hope: you were made for His Glory and because He is a faithful God, you will indeed be a manifestation of His Glory! 
Many congratulations to all that graduated! 

Come to me,dear Child of Mine!

Angeline lay on the bed, curled in a foetal position silent tears rolling down from the corner of her eyes. She stared blankly at the white-washed wall beside her, completely oblivious of anything else around her. There was a gentle knock on the door, followed by “Angeline! Angeline! Angeline, are you there?” said in an overly urgent voice. 

She heard the knocks and her name being called, but to her, these were only distant sounds that she was struggling to hear above the roar of her heartbreakingly sad thoughts. She couldn’t make out whether these sounds were real or simply a creation of her mind; an attempt to save her from herself. The only things that were real to her at that moment were the sound of her little heart shattering into a gazillion pieces, the daunting voice in her head telling her she was done for and the excruciating pain resulting from the knowledge of the first two. She wished she would do something; stand up and fight perhaps; but she knew she couldn’t. She was too wearied, too exhausted to even lift a finger in her defence. What was the point, if she was going to lose anyway?

“Be strong!” they had said

“Do not give up! Keep fighting!” She’d been told. 

And for as far back as she could remember, all she had done was fight. She’d fought to be happy, or rather to have a semblance of being happy. Fought to be loved. Fought to go through the day. Fought to be accepted. Fought to keep breathing. After so much fighting, there wasn’t a single ounce of energy left in her limp body. Maybe happiness wasn’t hers to have, maybe love was only an illusion and maybe life wasn’t hers to live , she thought, great sobs racking her weak body. And then without warning, a wave of pain coursed through her body. It was a dull, throbbing pain that sat heavy on her chest, making it hard for her to breath. With a huge lump lodged in her throat, Angeline let out a silent scream and before she could stop herself, her muffled sobs had turned into heart wrenching howls of misery. Another emotion was steadily rising within her. Anger. She clenched her fists, ground her teeth and violently kicked at the wall, like a caged animal looking for a way of escape. She screamed into her pillow while ferociously punching it with one of her tiny fists and then with an energy she didn’t think she had left in her, Angeline furiously flung the pillow across the room. The pillow met her cheap, metallic, silvered shoe rack sending it clattering to the ground. She yanked the duvet off the bed, ripped off the bedsheets, overturned the mattress and kicked hard at the wooden bed. Only a few minutes back, she didn’t have the strength to swat a fly and now her body seemed entirely made of joules of energy. She started across the room and then abruptly stopped when she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. She turned ever so slowly and then inched closer, a distraught look on her face, as though she couldn’t quite understand the image she saw in the mirror. Her hair was dishevelled, her eye lids puffy and terror filled her bloodshot eyes. Her face was covered in ugly irregular patterns, a mixture of tears and mascara that had dried on her face. 

“Who’s that girl staring back at me? Who am I? Why don’t I recognize my own reflection?” were the torturous questions she asked herself, her eyes widening in shock and fear at the person that looked back at her. 

There was a fresh torrential outburst from her eyes, tears racing uncontrallably down her face. She gasped for air in between the sobs, her chest heaving up and down spasmodically. She gripped her bedside table for support as she sank to a heap on the floor, her momentary surge of energy completely dissipated. She sat on the floor hugging her knees, rocking herself like you would a baby to sleep. Her eyes glanced to the bedside table and on it was an overturned photo frame that had gathered dust. Angeline gingerly picked it up, her hands trembling as she turned it to look at the photograph. It was a portrait of a lady, a little older and certainly much more happier looking than Angeline. The lady wore a radiant smile and her eyes were bright, making the photo seem alive. She hugged the frame close to her chest, her voice cracking as she continously whispered, “Mummy, mummy, mummy… ”

Just then, she remembered her mother’s last words to her as she lay dying; words she hadn’t thought about in over 10 years of her 24 year existence. Her mother’s voice had been very hoarse, barely a whisper. 

“I am sorry to have to let you go Angeline– my angel, my love…. ” she croaked, “you know I love you, don’t you?” Angeline had simply nodded, unable to speak. 

“I know your father left us, but do not ever think you have no father. You do! God is your father! He’s the one that made you; the one that gave you to me! He is —” her mother had then broken off into fits of coughing and Angeline feared that she wouldn’t be able to speak again. When she’d stabilized, she had continued despite Angeline’s protests that she rest. 

“I will rest my angel. I will rest. But I can’t rest without letting you know this: this world is not your home, and it will not be kind to you. You will get knocked down and trodden upon, but always remember, you’re the child of a king!”

“Seek Him, run to Him and you will be safe! He loves you Angeline, more than I do; and you know I love you with all I am.”

“I love you too mummy!” Angeline had sputtered. 

“Ssshhh… Don’t cry my angel. Don’t cry. Pray. Pray Angeline, Pray! Always remember to pray… ” and then she was gone. Forever. 

“Pray, Angeline. Pray!” 

“Pray, Angeline. Pray!”

“Pray, Angeline. Pray!”

The words echoed and rang in her ears until they were the only sound she could hear. She hadn’t consciously prayed in years; she wasn’t even sure God still wanted her but with whatever strength she had left, she knelt and whispered, “Dear Lord, I need you! Daddy, your daughter needs you!”

She pulled out a side drawer on her bedside table and removed a Bible, a gift that her mother had given her on her 13th birthday. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d opened it. She wiped off the dust and then slowly opened it. It opened to the book of Matthew, and right at the top of the page, in bold red letters were these words, 

“Come unto me, all [ye] that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

An unexplainable peace washed over Angeline and her face creased into a smile. She knew she was finally home.

To all that are depressed, hurting, lonely and maybe just exhausted with the motions of life, your Father, God, has His arms wide open… He’s waiting for you! Run to Him, and you will be safe! 

Some Very Random Thoughts


29th January 2017, 7:46am

There are 2 days to the end of the first month of 2017 and after that, there’s a person that will blink, only to realize that there are 2 days to the end of 2017. I have marked the patterns: January always seems eternally long (perhaps being made even longer by people saying it is long), February comes along with its joke of 28/29 days and then every month after that seems to be in an unusual hurry to become history. Suddenly (as though we didn’t know right from January 1st), another “Happy New Year” is before us and the cycle continues. If you are averagely smart, you must have realized by now that am yet to write anything substantial. I can explain. I was up way before the cocks crowed, the wild birds broke out into their chirps, chitters and twitters (this is a real English word by the way) and way before the sun arose to flaunt her radiance. I was up this early with every good intention of writing something deep, something that would reverberate in the very core of the soul of whoever dared to read it, something that would evoke holy emotions in the readers, something that would have readers sighing and wow-ing over and over again. So I went over the thousands of story lines that keep running to and fro in my brain, begging to be put down on paper, and after a thorough scrutiny, none of them was good enough to make the cut. I realized, with much heaviness of heart, that most of them were wonderful stories, but only as long as they remained in the confines of my brains. Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to stifle or sabotage my talent; if anything, this particular piece should prove to you how hard I am trying to get ten gold coins out of the one graciously given me by my Master. This is the problem: whereas there are thousands of would-be stories constantly assaulting my brain cells with their demands to be written, as soon as I get pen and paper (read, get my phone and open my WPS office app), these story ideas scatter in every possible direction and hide in a corner of my brain that I probably do not have access to yet. So here I am,  crossing my fingers in the hope that you will, even for a minute, understand why instead of a deep, resonating, reverberating piece of writing, all you’re getting is the shallow, confused babble of a girl with no clue whatsoever on what to write. 

Time check: 10:09am

No, I haven’t been writing for almost three hours. I took a break; a much deserved one, because writing a whole paragraph of random stuff is pretty hardwork. So that this isn’t a completely useless post, I resolved,  during my break, to remind you of a few truths you might have momentarily forgotten or perhaps that you needed to hear from anyone other than yourself:

  1. You are the apple of God’s eye! To be the apple of one’s eye simply means that you are loved, more than anyother, by that person. Never mind that there are 7bn other people that you share a planet with, all His focus and attention is on you! Amazing, isn’t it? (Check Zechariah 2:8)
  2. You are LOVED. Immensely. Immeasurably. Indescribably. INFINITELY. Much much more than you and I might ever comprehend. And the best part is this love is not about you or what you have done, it is about Him, who He is and what He has done! (Quickly run to Romans 8:38-39)
  3. That blessing of yours that you think is taking ages and aeons to reach? Worry not! Rest in His love and goodness, knowing that He hath made everything beautiful in His time. (It is written in Ecclesiastes 3:11)
  4. Cast not away therefore your confidence, which hath great recompence of reward (Hebrews 10:35). You have believed, believed again and believed even some more and there’s still nothing! Your hopes are waning, your light dimming and you’re contemplating throwing in the towel and walking away. DO NOT! Refuse to walk away, refuse to quit on yourself, your reward is not far off. 
  5. Finally, you are NOT alone! You have never been alone, you will never be alone: For He hath said, I will never leave thee nor forsake thee! (If you don’t believe me, believe Hebrews 13:5). 

If you have read this article till the end, I honestly envy your patience! You’re my hero, and I will make mention of you to my Father, God, that He may continue infinitely blessing you!