Insights from March

​8th March 2017

Dear Suzan, 

Forgive me for writing to you on this Oh-so-important day, but you have to understand that it’s the only day, in all my 31 day visit, when both you and I get a holiday. Plus, I did not want my excitement over receiving your letter, to be made so obvious to you and so I kept postponing my reply till I could properly settle my nerves. I must admit, you’re really good at this flattering business. You’re so good, you make me feel like the only month in the entire year. I would like to sit around blushing and drooling over your sweet flatteries but unfortunately, there are more serious matters at hand: like the fact that one entire week of my visit is gone. And I have got questions for you Suzan, tough questions that demand answers. 

1). What have you been upto this past one week? I have been around one week and have silently watched you do everything quite the same way you did during January and February’s visits. You still wake up at the same hour, with your same lazy and complaining attitude toward life and yet you keep hoping I will be treat you better than January and February did. Do you not see that the only person you are cheating in all this is you? 

2). All those things you have been postponing since forever, have you started on any of them? Did my coming around inspire you even a little? Or are you, like majority of your friends, still waiting for a right enough time? Tell me, what lies are you feeding your brain? That you’re only resting for this first week of my visit and then you will start? That there’s no need to rush because mine is a 31 day visit? That you are still waiting for inspiration? What are you going to do when my time’s up and you haven’t yet started on a single thing? Will you write to April and tell her I treated you unfairly? 

3). Do you seriously want to do any of the things you mentioned that you would like to do? Or are those just ideas and dreams that you feed your psychology to convince ypurself that you are not totally wasting your life? Are you sure those are not just lists that you keep so that when someone asks if you have a plan for your life you have something to answer? 
You probably think I am just being disagreeable and unnecessarily hard on you. Trust me, I would like to be nice and whisper to you some sweet nothings but then, that’s just what they would be: sweet NOTHINGS. So please bear with me as I dispense these hard and bitter words, in the hope that you find them of substance. 

My coming around is not going to change much; any less than January’s scorching rays and February’s short visit were the cause of your brokeness and suffering. You’re only playing mind games with yourself, and unless you stop, I can promise that this month will be just as bad as the past two. You must realize that I hold no power over your being, and neither does any other month. See, all the blessings that pertain to life and godliness have not been handed to me, or any other month for that case, but to you! And so, my dear Suzan, you will have to woman up, take responsibility and stop blaming January, February and the entire month family for your failures. You are not a child any more; do not expect to be treated like one. When you say something, everyone expects you to stand by your word regardless of the situations around you. That’s just how life works! No one cares that January was too hot, February too short or March too rainy, you will still be judged as though everything was going your way. Be wise my friend: stop waiting for the 1st of whatever month, for Monday, for next week, for next year. Stop waiting till the time is right because the exact right moment might never show up. If you mean to start today, well, start today and now. Do not be among the people that only dream and never chase those dreams. Dream and then get up and make those dreams your reality. Get rid of your fear of failure: I bet you’ve heard of the little girl that was scared to jump and said to her dad, “Daddy, I am afraid. What if I fall?” This was her father’s response, “Oh but darling, what if you fly?” Jump out of that comfort zone of yours; there is a chance you will fall, but there’s even a greater chance that you will fly. 

And finally, about me being the month of divine accomplishment: I have no doubt that the Lord is for you. But you’ve got to remember that the Lord doesn’t deal with lazy and slothful men. The exodus of the Israelites from Egypt was a great miracle, a work that was divinely accomplished; but it wasn’t done overnight while they slept. They didn’t go to sleep in Egypt and wake up in Israel, and yet we cannot deny that the Lord was with them. So, stop sleeping, hoping you will wake up to find everything “divinely accomplished.” Spend time with God and He’ll give you specific instructions on how to get everything divinely accomplished. 
I sincerely hope that by the time of my departure, you will have items on your to-do list that you have happily ticked off. 




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sheila says:

    Wooww..i think i like March..Tough love…i should also act on some of her advice


    1. Kyozo says:

      Thanks for reading Sheila


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