A letter to March

Dear March, 

First off, nice meeting you again! God, I feel like it’s been centuries since we last met, and yet I know its only but a year ago that you brought your lovely self and made camp in my house for a whole 31 days! It must be true what they say, time indeed flies! I wonder, does she always have to fly? Why doesn’t she walk or atleast trot beside the rest of us? Now that I think of it, it is grossly unfair to accuse her of always flying; I have often sat in a painstakingly boring lecture and effusively begged time to do her magic; the same magic she does when I lay down my head at midnight, and swoosh, even before I can properly begin dreaming, its 7:00am. Yes, I have begged her in way of countless yawns and endless stretching, and all she did was lazily tick and tock along. But wait, I have digressed too much; I shall not waste my words, talking about time and her cunning ways. Let’s talk about you and I. 

See, I have been expectantly waiting for you to show up. Your cousin January is one of the most brutal people I have met. She treated me cruelly, what with her signature mercilessly scorching rays of sunshine. Your sister February was a lot nicer, but I was too hungover with January’s cruelty to fully enjoy February’s niceness. And now you are here, and am over the top with excitement, ecstatic, euphoric even. You, my dear March are my new beginning; It’s a new month-new me affair. Like any rational human you may come across, I did set goals and new year resolutions. And, before you judge me, I know I should have started on these resolutions on the first day January came to visit but well, I didn’t. I explained my reasons before; you didn’t really expect me to do much amidst all the oppression and antagonism I was receiving from January, did you? And February? Well, it is not my fault that her visits are so short. Oh, I would that every month were like you, my March! I had resolved to begin on that business project today, on your first day of visiting, but you still have 30 days with me; plenty of time, right? Oh, and there’s that book I was supposed to start on too. Hmmm… Since you, my dear March, decided to arrive on a Wednesday, let’s just wait till next week comes around and then I can start on Monday, okay? Yikes! There’s the dancing classes too! We talked about these last year, didn’t we? How have I not signed up for them yet? I will start on the process tomorrow, I promise. It feels like my memory has just been reactivated: there’s a whole list of resolutions am yet to start on: start saving, spend less time on social media, engage in atleast one sport, Lord! How all these things piled up so fast, I shall never know. Perhaps I should have started when January was still around, like I promised I would? No, I will not cry over spilt milk! 

I was at church on Sunday, and oh, how highly you were spoken of dear March! Would you like to know what you were referred to as? The month of Divine Accomplishments! You now understand why I am so excited, don’t you? There’s this threateningly long list of things I have to do, but now that you’re here, my month of Divine Accomplishments, I have no worries! You are the month of Divine Accomplishments afterall. And now that I have spent the entire first day of your visit, telling you of my expectations and all I hope to enjoy during the period of your stay, I think I will start on my to-do list tomorrow. 
Again, I am so excited you are here! 

Yours excitedly, 


           Thanks for reading! My thoughts are; for this letter to make much more sense, March will have to write back to me. Lol, I am weird like this. 🙂


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Chelly says:

    😁 waiting for March to oblige!


    1. Kyozo says:

      Haha, me too 🙂


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